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New account

2011-09-05 01:27:21 by Neon-Crepth

I will no longer post to this account. It's time to represent myself in a new light and too many of the submissions here are no longer worth putting my name under.

gonna be posting a few of the songs i've made over the past year and a half or whatever that i never got around to posting.

and hopefully i'll have a completed animation up by mid september (?)

animating once more.

2009-08-05 22:54:49 by Neon-Crepth

started up again. nothing really to say other than aspirations of a new animation that's not ridiculously ambitious. it should be complete by the end of summer maybe? probably not though. give it a little while longer. i mainly just wanted to replace that last post cuz it was stupid and the power of three thing is over... yup

Power of Three

2009-05-21 15:52:49 by Neon-Crepth

So, just heard about power of three, and so i'm gonna be uploading some new, more recent songs, that will make some artists and programmers consider a team up. uhh, i am an artist myself but can only offer backgrounds and stuff, my animation isn't fit for a game yet.

just added this pic. didn't feel like cutting off that top part. oh well. this is kinda my style.

Power of Three

Hey newgrounders, trying to get the word out about a new game i am collaborating with Syruplord on. It's called spaceship. to sum it up, its a classic space shooter with a little twist of newer influence, awesome bosses, and music to complement it.

Go to syruplords page at: to see a little bit more about it. and listen to the recent song i posted, +C+ Spaceship 1b. it is one of the boss songs. and even in the semi-finished stages, everything is falling together to be a cool game.

but enough of promotional crap... i'm getting some stuff done animation wise and music wise to go with it. i'm in the process of making a decent length animation called Cloudwatcher. or something like that title. i'm thinking of submitting some of the song as a preview, but i fear that if i do that, i might lose enthusiasm in the thought that its finished...
also, i have the aspirations of making a short click and drag game of intense beat the clock miny games. (its amazing no one's made a game like it before, lol) so if you happen to be a programmer, give me a holler, i could show you my ideas.
pffshhh, what are the odds of that!? in fact, what are the odds of any of this crap being finished!? oh well, i will keep the deaf and blind audience that is newgrounds news post readers updated on my achievements of nothing.

i don't know what the hell i did to waste three whole months of time. i wanted to get like three animations done this summer but i only have done half of one and a bunch of sprites for a half finished game (btw i could use a programmer. it might be an easy job or a hard job depending on how you look at it. so, you're a programmer, want a deal on a pretty good game idea, give me a PM n ill get back to you) so i feel like i haven't done anything this summer. i am working on a few things music wise but nothing worth finishing or nothing thats going anywhere... im going to do a trilogy of songs. something around the same basic melody and then different styles and variations on it. one is probably gonna be called Terraclipse or Geoclipse... kinda a dark dnb or a weird 8bit thing in a similar spin as Ratatat's stuff.

how many of you guys have the same thing going on?

I unexpectedly started this one project for my dad on fathers day so once i finish that one up, i'll post it and start on a short comedy animation. my animating skills have improved GREATLY so i think i'll finish the second one just in time to cram in the third animation of the summer which will most likely... no promises, be the one in the picture of my last post. summer's kinda blazing by and some friends are out of town... things are going a little too fast so i'm trying to slow things down and get up earlier, make the days longer...

i'm sure none of you guys care about that but thought i'd tell ya. how are your summers!?

ill leave this time with a little tease of what might replace that third animation... a little looney toons style cartoon about a absentminded teenage indian, Wind Through Ears, and his fortunate initiation by his chief, Chief Rolling Pig. i know, right? stupid names but hey it's looneytoons.

animating and song writing is going great this summer and ill be posting some new things soon.

NEW submissions coming soon!

2008-06-02 13:44:02 by Neon-Crepth

I will post a new DnB song today once i finish touching it up. i think it's one of my best. i also have 2 or so more songs im concluding. they are also my best works to date. this summer will be a great time to complete the animations i've been aching to work on. with school work, i've had next to no time at all for it. so expect to see at least two things from me this summer!


'n this picture is a clip of what one of the projects might look like.

NEW submissions coming soon!

+C+ Omegabit my 8bit wave!

2008-04-07 19:14:02 by Neon-Crepth

the songs i posted with the name Omegabit- ...*something*... are my 8bit songs. instead of having the name and the traditional (8bit) to say what it is, i thouhgt omegabit sounded cooler...

so if you're a fan of 8bit or videogame music, swing by those submissions and give em a listen. [reviews appreciated as usual] i could hit you back with some feedback if you need some too. and hey, those older submissions as well: not entirely bad. So, yeah. thanks for reading if you did for some reason o.O ill be reviewin' around :]